Eye Care Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Our comprehensive eye exam checks the overall health of your eyes. We will evaluate your visual acuity, your peripheral vision, examine the back of your eye, retina, and underlying blood vessels, and much more. Comprehensive eye exams should be completed annually.

Contact Lens Fitting

The Eye Site will expertly fit you for contact lenses, in the prescription and brand that are perfect for you. We use Corneal Mapping to measure the precise shape of your corneas to ensure the best possible lens fit. After you are fitted for contacts, you can order additional lenses online.


Frames Fitting & Adjustment

The expert staff at The Eye Site will help you select frames to flatter your face shape and enhance your style. In addition, we will adjust the fit of your frames to make every day wear as comfortable as possible.

Children's Eye Care

It's estimated that 80% of learning is accomplished through the eyes, which makes your child's eye health very important. Our comprehensive eye exams include testing of all visual skills to make sure that any eye disorders are detected quickly. We recommend eye exams for children as young as age 3, or earlier if needed.

Other Services

  • Laser Vision Correction

  • Cataract Management

  • Glaucoma Treatment

  • Diabetes Care

  • Eye Injury Treatment

  • Dry Eye Treatment